Holy Shift!

Holy Shift! book cover

Image from Hay House Book Nook

Holy Shift! by Robert Holden is a daily meditation guide from A Course In Miracles.  By nature, this is meant to be a supportive supplement that enhances a person’s spiritual process.  And it does.

The introduction is well worth reading, as it gives a quick background of ACIM as well as an overview of its guiding principles.  And then it jumps right into the meat of the matter with daily guides for the calendar year.

Each day’s guide is a beautiful, poetic rendition of a particular line or lines from ACIM.  They are short & sweet, easily digestible. The reference is also given per meditation, for ease of looking up the original words. (Don’t let what might be a new format become a roadblock; how to use the reference is user-friendly and explained in the introduction.)

The language of each meditation makes it understandable and personal.

You do not have to have read A Course In Miracles to get the most out of this book. If you have read it, you will still find this companion book to be inspirational.

Anyone who likes daily guides needs to have this book for their use.

Hay House has gifted me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

link to book on Amazonlink to book on Hay House websiteFind this book online at Barnes and Noblefind this book online at Chapters

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