Peace Offering


So as I sit in the flowers in my mental meadow and breathe the mountain air, I just came across another thing to ponder about giving my input to life.

Being at peace with yourself is a way of going through life eschewing conflict and confrontation. ~Wayne Dyer, 21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace.

What?!? So where’s the balance with having little to no conflict and confrontation, versus giving input to life and fully owning my truth? Is taking others’ opinions and desires into account, and therefore keeping the peace, actually a form of non-participation? Am I hiding from my own life by quietly being so aware of not blocking others from stepping into their own?

Aha–I think I’ve just stumbled onto something.  There is a difference between keeping the peace and being at peace.

Keeping the peace is adjusting my input to life, in order to avoid conflict. Being at peace is participating in life, and not being inhibited by conflict.

I think the thing I need to pay attention to here is that conflict is not to be feared. Or automatically avoided. Even if I don’t like it. Which I don’t.

Belligerent individuals who live in turmoil and revel in  hostile encounters send out nonverbal energy that adversely impacts those around them. The immediate impulse is to remove yourself from these low-energy, nonpeaceful people because sticking around means tension and a lowering of your energy.  ~Wayne Dyer, 21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace

As we step more fully into ourselves, some people will accidentally be challenged.  We are going to cause waves. We will make some folks uncomfortable. But we can do it peacefully, standing in our truth while allowing room for others.

When I am at peace with myself, I am not conflicted, and I participate in life.

No matter if I choose to speak aloud or not. No matter what you decide to do around me.

What are your thoughts about participating in life through knowing and/or speaking up? About how peace and conflict mingle in an individual?  Please share a comment in this safe space, below. I’d love to learn more about this, through your stories. 

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