Coffee with Wendy

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Everyone needs a go-to friend, someone you call for the really big stuff.  Okay, for the little stuff too.  When I find myself there, I pour a cup of coffee and call Wendy.  She knows that what I am working through really isn’t about the situation, it is about the energetic patterns behind it.  She helps me elevate, and I am better able to detach and see how the situation just might be a cosmic step in my journey.  We can spend the occasional couple hours, and a full pot of coffee apiece, pacing around our own homes and doing major soul growth (higher grounds?? ha ha).  Oh, and we do understand when we fall quite short of it–that’s part of humanity, too.  You should also know we laugh–a lot.  I mean really, the cosmos has a marvelous sense of humor!

My goal here is to share that experience, and expand it.  There are many of us out there who strive for vibrating at a higher frequency, and we can contribute to each other.  Hopefully this blog will help others, and I know that others will help this blog.

So pour yourself a cup of chosen beverage, and let’s visit.  Not everyone has Wendy, but together we have each other.  And ya know, maybe here everyone can have coffee with Wendy, too.

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