Thestrals for Muggles

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Remember when Harry Potter could now see the otherwise-invisible Thestrals pulling the horseless Hogwarts carriages? He had no idea that such a thing existed. It was only after a heavy life-changing experience that he was able to see these huge critters.

We, too, have heavy life-changing milestones available to us. When we’re outside of the experience, we still know what’s going on.  When we’re in it, however, that’s a whole other animal–that oftentimes we don’t recognize until after we’ve made it through the experience.

It could be the death of a dear one, as it was for Harry. It might be a divorce. Losing a job. Empty nesting. A parent going into a nursing home. Bringing home a child. Celebrating 50 years of marriage. Something thought of as a life-event, a milestone.

And no matter the outcome, we can now see things that… those who haven’t been through it? Well, they just can’t.

And that’s okay.

Thestrals have their own beauty. It’s a privilege to see them. And, Harry Potter found a friend or two who truly knew. Our heavy experiences always offer something beautiful, we can choose to open our eyes even a little. And we’ll find our own Neville and Luna there as well, when we need them.

Embrace your milestone moments, see your new depth of beauty, and know that you are not alone.


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