It’s Okay to Get What You Want; Here’s How.

What if our best interest is to realize nothing is missing? —Pam Grout What are you working toward in your life? What’s missing? What do you wish you had more of? As creative, ever-expanding beings, we are great problem-solvers and self-improvement enthusiasts. Overcoming and surviving are badges of honor, and we are superb at fixing […]

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A Stunning Reminder of Trust and Faith

Male pine grosbeak in author's hand, with author's German Shepherd's snout touching bird's head.

THUNK! We get a lot of birds hitting our windows. Most of the impacts are gentle hiccups in otherwise continuing flight patterns. However, sometimes there’s an intensity to the sound that makes us fly out of our seats and immediately launch into Bird Rescue mode. And I had just heard it.

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Make Space for Miracles

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, but I did spend time getting clear on what I’d like to purposefully create this year. Picking one to begin with, I’ve even finally taken the first step. Which of course easily led to the next. And the next. And now here I am. Here happens to be […]

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Crossing the Chasm Between Your Dreams

Last time, I worked my ass off for my success. This time, I’m going to do it with ease. Ease doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging. It doesn’t mean I don’t do the work. Ease doesn’t mean it will be a breeze. Or that I don’t have to show up and do my part — […]

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