It’s Okay to Get What You Want; Here’s How.


What if our best interest is to realize nothing is missing? —Pam Grout

What are you working toward in your life? What’s missing? What do you wish you had more of?

As creative, ever-expanding beings, we are great problem-solvers and self-improvement enthusiasts. Overcoming and surviving are badges of honor, and we are superb at fixing and solving. We recognize that we want something better, something more, something…else — and we pursue these dreams.

puzzle head

And although we think we’re focusing on the happy thing we are working towards, we are actually giving our attention to the fact that we’re working towards that happy thing. Which means we don’t have it.

We can spend our lives in constant search of something that we perceive is missing.

puzzle, missing piece

Here’s a simple, two-step realization to get what you desire:

  1. Something in my life that appears missing is only because I’m spending my time looking for it.
  2. I already am that which I seek to become. All I have to do is stop seeking it — and simply allow it.


It’s only my decision to seek something that makes me perceive that it’s concealed. —Pam Grout

“Okay,” our inner adolescent challenges us, “What if I want a million dollars?”

Well, let’s look at this. Do I want to physically have one million dollars beautifully stacked up on my dresser, or do I want something that I perceive the money would bring me? Or both? Maybe it’s really about a new house, a different car, quitting my job, or traveling. What if it represents more time, a feeling of freedom, a sense of financial security, or being able to share more with others?

Again, something in my life appears missing only because I am looking for it instead of seeing it. I am pursuing to attain it rather than allowing it to be revealed as already being.

compass vision

Me, I used to be a seeker. I sought knowledge and wisdom in books, workshops, classes, writing, contemplation, and conversation. Now I’m a finder. I find knowledge and wisdom in books, workshops, classes, writing, contemplation, and conversation. And the difference continues to astound me, as I continue to gain.

Wondering how to go about making the switch from pursuing to allowing? It’s easy. At any time, just stop and say, “Thank you” for what it is you want. And you’ll find that you already have it.

It’s all in how you look at it. You’ll see.

multicolored iris

What are you currently pursuing? What do you wish you had? What’s your 5- or 10-year plan? Your bucket list? Give heartfelt thanks for having right now your desired outcome. (Regardless of if it feels true yet or not.) And as you do, you will begin to feel it. And when you feel it, you actually have it.

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