You don’t have to go all-out; you have to just go.


Have you ever wanted to begin something new and interesting — a new exercise habit, a different way of eating, a hobby — but it felt so huge that you postponed starting?

We’ve heard before that all we have to do is just…start. It’s simple, it’s true, and yet… it’s not always easy.

Well, I’ve learned a way to start that is easy. And joyful. Maybe it will work for you, too:

I don’t have to go all-out; I have to just go.

Exchange the gold star at the end for your internal golden glow at the start.

It’s not necessary to implement an intense daily hour-long exercise regimen; I can just go snowshoeing in the yard.

IMG_20171213_155838352 (1)

It’s not crucial to overhaul all of my groceries and recipes; I can just go forward with this next meal, making choices that support my blood sugar awareness.


It’s not mandatory that I become comparable to Itzhak Perlman; I can just go ahead and squeak out “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on my new violin.

Screw attaining the end result. How about just fully enjoying this one action in this moment? As each one comes?


A string of such inspired moments creates an easy and joyful path.

How about you? What big picture are you stuck on, and how can it simply be about this next one small joy?





2 Comments on “You don’t have to go all-out; you have to just go.”

  1. AWESOME!! I resonate with all-or-nothing, too. That’s why I needed to remind myself that if I don’t go all-out, I haven’t failed or slacked.

    Ahhh…there it is: begin again. Thank you, Mollie, for helping me get there! ❤


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