Crossing the Chasm Between Your Dreams


Last time, I worked my ass off for my success. This time, I’m going to do it with ease.

Ease doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging. It doesn’t mean I don’t do the work.

Ease doesn’t mean it will be a breeze. Or that I don’t have to show up and do my part — Every. Single. Day.

Ease means that the way is cleared and the obstacles are removed as I move along my path. It means that angst is optional.

This process carries peace, not struggle.

Instead of attaining your dreams, you can allow them.

Instead of striving, you can glide.

And you will indeed arrive on the other side.


3 Comments on “Crossing the Chasm Between Your Dreams”

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  2. I revisit this often, myself…
    …sometimes daily!! 😉

    Just remember that angst is optional, and all shall be well.

    Oh, that and the quote that came across my lap recently:

    “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” ~Lao Tzu


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