The Art (and Challenge) of Allowing


Neither others’, nor our own.

I notice that I’m expanding my perceptions as I move through the Triple Goddess archetype, the Maiden-Mother-Wise Woman cycle. In my current stage I allow for myself, whereas in my youth I used to “fix” myself. I stand in my truth, I have more compassion for me along the way, and I spend time with only those who let me be who I really am.

Okay, okay. Since I don’t live on a private island, I don’t get to actually hand-pick everyone that I encounter.


How well do I know myself?

Sometimes we run into folks who just don’t “get” us. I’m talking in a frustrating, clashing kind of way. Like when you mutter under your breath when you see that person approaching you. (Noble adversaries are like that.) Hey, it happens. Usually when you are tired, or otherwise run down.

And the more we stand firm in our discovered self-allowing, the more confused they get about us. So we decide that they’re the one who is short-sighted.

Guess what? It’s time to cough up our daily allowance. We need to focus less on our needs and more on our tolerance.

Because if I want to be allowed to fully be myself, then I must allow others to be themselves, too.

Even if I’m just confused by them.

What’s the difference between fixing ourselves and becoming more of ourselves? How does allowing from within dance with allowing from external factors as well? Please share your thoughts with a reply, in this safe space, below.  ❤ 

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