Secrets from Chuckling Goat

Secrets from Chuckling GoatWatch out for whiplash when you see the cover of Secrets from Chuckling Goat: How a Herd of Goats Saved My Family and Started a Business that Became a Natural Health Phenomenon. You know immediately that this book demands further attention!

Crafted from her diary entries, Shann Nix Jones shares an incredible story of how love, hope, and guts combine powerfully to create a life of miracles.  Her big-city background and 180-degree turn resulting in transplanting to Wales serve as background for her further adventures with raising goats, creating a business, and saving her husband’s life.  Packaged here with skin care products and probiotics, deep gifts of life and love abound.

This book is not to be missed–for those living in cities, on self-sustaining farms, and for all homestyles in between. The message of showing up for your life and allowing for miracles to unfold is universal.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. I have now been bestowed by them the honor of Professional Reader. 😉

Mind Over Medicine

Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, by Lissa Rankin, M.D., is a powerful perspective for anyone to consider.

Mind Over MedicineThe author is a credible and successful physician who is radically overcoming conventional medicine’s approach of doctor authority over patients.  The message is that we do not need to hand our healing power over to have someone else “fix” us, that we each have more healing power than we have ever imagined, ourselves.

Time out.  In no way is she suggesting to abandon current medical care.  The perspectives in this book are not either/or: there is room in this realm for all forms of healing, and it is the individual’s responsibility to make wise–and intuitive–decisions.

Each of us has the power to heal our body just by changing how our mind thinks and feels.  Yes, heal on a very large scale.

Now, this is far greater than simply putting on a happy face and thinking rainbows and hearts.  This is a spiritual path.  This is a challenge of connecting lifestyle dots, reexamining personal beliefs, and taking responsibility.  This is asking yourself, “What does my body need in order to heal?”  And then it is honestly looking at the answer you may receive, even if it is along the lines of:

  • I need to leave my spouse.
  • I need to quit my job.
  • I need to finally go back to school.
  • I need to leave this church.
  • I need to have a child.
  • I need to forgive ______.
  • I need to say no to ______.
  • I need to put my aging parent in a home.

The book is organized into three parts: Believe Yourself Well/Treat Your Mind/Write the Prescription.  Part One talks about long-standing scientific evidence that supports this radical idea of self-healing, including the effects of both the stress and relaxation responses physiologically on the body.  Part Two identifies strategies to identify personal stress-response indicators, as well as teach how to create counteractive measures. Part Three shows you how to diagnose yourself as well as write your own prescription for health, with specific tools, steps, and guidelines.

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart.

Again, this is a spiritual journey.  You have the capacity, and the courage.  This book is your direct support, and anyone at any point on their path will benefit in some form by reading it.

I was graciously given this book by Hay House in exchange for my honest thoughts about it.

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Confessions of a Non-Facebooker

Hi, my name is Gina, and I don’t Facebook.

It’s okay that you’re staring–I understand that you probably haven’t seen anyone like me before. You wonder if I have any friends at all, and how I can possibly stay updated with life. You probably even feel a twinge of sadness for me at the normal life that I am missing out on.

It’s interesting that every single time any person shows me something on their Facebook page, they apologize for or verbally dismiss whatever we see by default on their home page due to their friended people’s posts. And then they make a quick disparaging comment about that person before moving on to what they originally wanted to show me. What they end up sharing with me really is ultimately cool. Other people share cool stuff directly with me in personalized emails and texts, to which I say thank you. You know who you are.

It amazes me how much talk is generated daily around Facebook. Mainstream culture lives off of who posted what, who got left out, who got unfriended, whose friend request went unanswered, and did you see who is on whose friends list?!? We speculate about how could this friend have posted that, when we were with them at the time and that’s not at all how it happened. Two people talk in front of me routinely about a third person: they are very concerned with each other about their common friend through her posts, yet neither has actually talked to her–nor are they planning to. Others openly speak of their evening plans to lurk around while remaining silent online, just to see what other people are up to–like a social media ninja detective.  Later they freely report about what others are up to, to whomever is around.  All of this is coming from otherwise rational adults. Don’t get me started on what I see with teenagers.

Periodically I question myself, and think maybe I should instead focus on the good and give it a try. I do believe that there are higher-vibrational uses of Facebook, and participating in that manner I could get on board with. You know, spread the goodness and together we can turn the tide. Invariably, some Facebook incident happens that I hear about either directly or indirectly, the next day. I am not kidding. I’ve even tested this. (See E-Squared!)

The Cosmos knows what I need…and what I don’t. Maybe I’m not strong enough for Facebook yet, to let it wash through me and remain unchanged. Maybe I’m actually stronger than that, not needing to overcome it in the first place. Either way, I do know that now is not my time for it. And I still have friends.

Only a cavewoman doesn't Facebook.
Only a cavewoman doesn’t Facebook.

All Is Well

All Is WellAll Is Well: Heal Your Body With Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition is a collaborative by the indomitable Louise Hay and the dauntless Mona Lisa Schulz.  The book is a how-to guide that integrates healing methods, addressing health in these areas: medical, holistic, nutritional, and emotional.  It weaves intuition and logic, emotions and fact–and produces specific direction to address and improve health.

After a brief and informative background and purpose, we jump right in a self-assessment quiz.   It is safe and not scary, and it is a helpful tool to use throughout the rest of the book.  You do not need to currently have a condition or issue to read the book, and taking this quiz will not create one for you!  I found it helped attune me to the approach and purpose of the chapters, and will also be useful in the future (and as a parent).

The chapters are organized by chakra, or energy centers.  They address related symptoms, share clinical case-study examples, and provide specific actions and attitudes that will increase and maintain health in these areas.  The writing flows personably and is easy to understand.

At the end of the chapters is a resource table, a quick-guide for affirmations to address specific issues.  This is easy to navigate, with three areas: Problem, Probable Cause, and New Thought Pattern.  It is arranged alphabetically by Problem, and again is incredibly reader-friendly.

Through this book we are able to see a greater depth of patterns in how our thoughts, emotions, and physical health are connected, which I believe gives the individual greater power over their own wellness.  It gives equality to medical science and personal intuition, never suggesting one over the other.

If you have ever read Louise Hay’s “little blue book”, you are already familiar with this type of content.  However, the addition of Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz presents the science behind what already makes sense.  The depth she brings is a beautiful complement, resulting in an active guide to return to repeatedly, that should be on everyone’s resource list.

Hay House graciously gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  I got a huge chuckle out of the chakra chapter titles and how they connected recognizable song titles to related energy centers.  If nothing else piques your interest after reading this review, please go look at a purchase site that lists the chapters, and share my giggle!

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Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology

This was a very interesting book of action!  Oftentimes this type is theory and history, with less emphasis on actual procedure.  Although background is given, emphasis is on what an individual can actually go and do with this learning.  I especially like that the author, Eldon Taylor, constantly reaffirms that the individual is fully in charge of themselves at all times: the power goes to the Self in self-hypnosis, not the teacher or anyone else.

This book comes with an accompanying cd, which has helpful tracks for self-hypnosis.  There is a text list of affirmations included in the two subliminal recordings, which I appreciated.

Unexpectedly, this book has an entire section on helpful tips and how-to’s on creating your own personal self-hypnosis and subliminal audio tracks.  That alone is worth this book!

The eBook version is full of links to where a reader can go for the recorded tracks.  You can feel very confident that in purchasing the eBook, you are not missing out on the included cd!  This was another aspect that I was very appreciative of and that makes a difference in format choice.

If you are looking for supportive positive thinking and messages, this book is very much worth your time and will be a welcome addition to your resources.  However, if your interest is in action steps to create and pursue your own recorded personal messages, then immediately get a digital copy of this book.  Go right now!  I’ll still be here when you get back, and then you can finish reading my disclaimer.

This book was given to me by Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion of it.  Nothing subliminal or hypnotic here, folks–I was honestly surprised at how self-empowering its purpose is, and how beyond theory and into personalized action it went.