Confessions of a Non-Facebooker

Hi, my name is Gina, and I don’t Facebook.

It’s okay that you’re staring–I understand that you probably haven’t seen anyone like me before. You wonder if I have any friends at all, and how I can possibly stay updated with life. You probably even feel a twinge of sadness for me at the normal life that I am missing out on.

It’s interesting that every single time any person shows me something on their Facebook page, they apologize for or verbally dismiss whatever we see by default on their home page due to their friended people’s posts. And then they make a quick disparaging comment about that person before moving on to what they originally wanted to show me. What they end up sharing with me really is ultimately cool. Other people share cool stuff directly with me in personalized emails and texts, to which I say thank you. You know who you are.

It amazes me how much talk is generated daily around Facebook. Mainstream culture lives off of who posted what, who got left out, who got unfriended, whose friend request went unanswered, and did you see who is on whose friends list?!? We speculate about how could this friend have posted that, when we were with them at the time and that’s not at all how it happened. Two people talk in front of me routinely about a third person: they are very concerned with each other about their common friend through her posts, yet neither has actually talked to her–nor are they planning to. Others openly speak of their evening plans to lurk around while remaining silent online, just to see what other people are up to–like a social media ninja detective.  Later they freely report about what others are up to, to whomever is around.  All of this is coming from otherwise rational adults. Don’t get me started on what I see with teenagers.

Periodically I question myself, and think maybe I should instead focus on the good and give it a try. I do believe that there are higher-vibrational uses of Facebook, and participating in that manner I could get on board with. You know, spread the goodness and together we can turn the tide. Invariably, some Facebook incident happens that I hear about either directly or indirectly, the next day. I am not kidding. I’ve even tested this. (See E-Squared!)

The Cosmos knows what I need…and what I don’t. Maybe I’m not strong enough for Facebook yet, to let it wash through me and remain unchanged. Maybe I’m actually stronger than that, not needing to overcome it in the first place. Either way, I do know that now is not my time for it. And I still have friends.

Only a cavewoman doesn't Facebook.

Only a cavewoman doesn’t Facebook.

5 Comments on “Confessions of a Non-Facebooker”

    • I LOVE your description! You absolutely nailed it: in life we have all kinds of tools to use, and it is up to us how we use them. The tool itself isn’t inherently good or bad. The constant vigilance of filtering the use of our powers for good is worth it. 🙂


  1. Amen Sistah!
    And where is my LOVE IT button???!!!! A virtual high-five from a non-facebooking sister! 🙂 Thanks for using your voice to raise awareness, and perhaps the vibration! I am so blessed to call you “Friend”.
    From my heart to yours~ Wendy


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