A Handy Tool for Navigating Change



The fallout is happiness.


Here’s a soul-saving response for when you’re asked how your new endeavor is going.

“It’s working.” (Insert genuine smile here. 🙂 )

You know what situation I mean. You’ve made a change in your life that is deeply personal, has a significant impact on you, and is kinda scary. What form the actual change takes is not the point–the fact that it is a deep change for you is what matters.

Maybe it’s a decision to alter your eating habits. Or begin a meditation practice. Or switch careers. Or write a book.

Or perhaps it’s a change you didn’t choose, but rather one that chose you. Like becoming a grandfather by your teenage daughter’s pregnancy.  Or navigating with your aging parent. Becoming widowed.

At some point you’ll run into people who ask you how you’re doing. And whether they ask out of genuine concern for you or out of their own free version of reality drama, your personal process is at stake with what you say next.

Because your response is the story that it will become. The words you use to describe your feeling for that moment become the stone tablets that others revere as unchanging gospel. And that’s the story they share with others. Widely.

So, how is your story going?

I’ll bet it’s working!

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Terminally optimistic


A super tool for your belt. Gimmick-free.



Party on.
There’s no dark side to a positive attitude.
A handy multi-tool, King Prawn style.


100+ Free Inspirational Audio and Video Lessons

Hay House World Summit 2016

I’m so excited–the second annual Hay House World Summit begins May 7!

This is a free offering of audio lessons, videos, and movies by an extensive variety of experts in the field of wisdom, inner knowing, inspirational thinking, and flat-out upgrading your life.

Personally, I’m not going to miss the ones from Caroline Myss, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gala Darling, Kris Carr, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, Doreen Virtue, Gabrielle Bernstein, Michael Neill, Cheryl Richardson, Colette Baron-Reid, Gregg Braden, Rebecca Campbell, Sonia Choquette, Rha Goddess, Esther Hicks, Nancy Levin, Regena Thomashauer, Sophie Uliano, and the fabulous Pam Grout.

And I can’t wait to catch so many others!

Each week, beginning May 7 and over the course of 4 weeks, a batch of 25 sessions are made available. You get to pick and choose any or all that you’d like to experience, on your own schedule.  Plus, once you register you will receive helpful guides to navigate the summit in order to personally gain the most out of your experience:

  • eBook of worksheets, exercises, and additional resources
  • Summit schedule
  • Infographic to help navigate sessions by topic
  • Tips for personally getting your most out of the summit


Because I registered for free by May 6 (it’s still free after then), I received 4 bonus audio lessons from last year’s Summit:

  • Marianne Williamson
  • Brian Weiss
  • Deepak Chopra
  • davidji


I’m listening to the one by Deepak Chopra right now.  I know I experienced it during last year’s Summit, and I am enjoying its relevance all over again.

Last year was their first go-round with this, and I really enjoyed it.  Both the content and the format was exactly what I needed. (Of course–and thank you!)

SO–check out the Hay House World Summit 2016, it begins May 7.  If you’re reading this later than that, don’t worry–there’s no panicking in enlightenment! Give it a look and sign on when you can.  

And, if you miss it for 2016, there’s always this same time frame in 2017!

Looking at this year’s schedule, which are the top 5 offerings that jump out at you? Which one intrigues you the most? 


If this summit format intrigues you and you are tickled by the idea of healthy food and its sources, I encourage you to visit Stand Upon Grace’s post about the 2016 Food Revolution Summit.

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle

cover67259-mediumDoreen Virtue’s new book is gentle, supportive strength for your sanity. It is a great companion to any and all of her other books, as she offers great love and resources for our health: emotional, physical, and spiritual. This book focuses on recognizing our patterns of when our spirits sparkle and when we feel less radiant, in order that we may naturally shine our light and feel joyous about life.

This is actually a stress reduction manual. Yay!!

Stress and drama are conjoined twins. The kicker is that although we may not like drama, our bodies may be unknowingly addicted to it. There are actually “secondary gains” that reward us, even though we don’t like how they are delivered. And, we don’t even connect the two, so we don’t recognize how we keep coming back for more.

The awesome news is that we can choose. And this book’s purpose is not at all to blame, but to help us become aware of ourselves. From there, we can make choices that support our spiritual sparkle. Which is our enthusiasm about life!

I was surprised at the depth of life examples and situations that contribute to my own dulling patterns. For example, I’m now learning to recognize when my awareness of others’ moods is a loving gesture of inclusion and when it’s a survival skill.  (Hint: am I giving my feelings importance, too?)

I first picked up this book to explore maintaining my own positive Self while allowing loved others to be their own differently-choosing Selves. I mean, really, we’re not all wired the same and weeding out people who aren’t perfect isn’t gonna result in perfect company. This book answered my questions, and more.

You don’t have to have suffered either trauma or drama to greatly benefit from this book. If you have ever had ups and downs, felt in the flow and also bereft, or in other words are human, there is something here for you.

I encourage you to read this book and reignite your joy, vibrancy, inner peace, and glow!

I received this book from Hay House through NetGalley, in exchange for my opinion of it. Now that’s a sparkle-inducing pattern in my life that I certainly recognize and cultivate!

Soul Shifts

Book cover, link to purchase on AmazonDr. Barbara DeAngelis describes Soul Shifts as her most important life’s work. Through this book she teaches seekers who are awakening to personal transformation.

Through her own story examples, Dr. DeAngelis leads readers through a four-part process: gateways to authentic awakening, the technology of transformation, soul shifts for practical spirituality, and living your soul shifts.

We already have everything we need for awakening inside of us! We are vibration, and living from this truth is transformative. Dr. DeAngelis offers techniques to put into practice, both in the immediate moment and for the long haul.

This is an interesting book that supports everyone’s library of personal growth reading. The author is passionate about her knowledge and teaching, and it is worth exploring.

I received this book gratefully in exchange for my review of it, from Hay House through NetGalley. 

The Way of the Hammock

book cover

The Way of the Hammock

“The greatest path to contentment and joy is to relax in the love of your being.” ~Marga Odahowski

Creativity is cultivated in the calm, and what a fabulous guide to mindfully creating our calm! Marga Odahowski shares an approach of using design elements to cultivate and sustain serenity. Through the elements of discover, make, and do, readers are led to design their own joy, compassion, and brilliance. As additional support for lifelong habits, specific exercises are offered.  Not only are they sensible and helpful, but they also spark your own ideas!

The Way of the Hammock is a fast read with a good flow, and is a great read for any season. Consider it a beach read for your soul. <3

I was gifted this book from Hay House through NetGalley for review purposes. What an awesome deal for everyone!