Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle

cover67259-mediumDoreen Virtue’s new book is gentle, supportive strength for your sanity. It is a great companion to any and all of her other books, as she offers great love and resources for our health: emotional, physical, and spiritual. This book focuses on recognizing our patterns of when our spirits sparkle and when we feel less radiant, in order that we may naturally shine our light and feel joyous about life.

This is actually a stress reduction manual. Yay!!

Stress and drama are conjoined twins. The kicker is that although we may not like drama, our bodies may be unknowingly addicted to it. There are actually “secondary gains” that reward us, even though we don’t like how they are delivered. And, we don’t even connect the two, so we don’t recognize how we keep coming back for more.

The awesome news is that we can choose. And this book’s purpose is not at all to blame, but to help us become aware of ourselves. From there, we can make choices that support our spiritual sparkle. Which is our enthusiasm about life!

I was surprised at the depth of life examples and situations that contribute to my own dulling patterns. For example, I’m now learning to recognize when my awareness of others’ moods is a loving gesture of inclusion and when it’s a survival skill.  (Hint: am I giving my feelings importance, too?)

I first picked up this book to explore maintaining my own positive Self while allowing loved others to be their own differently-choosing Selves. I mean, really, we’re not all wired the same and weeding out people who aren’t perfect isn’t gonna result in perfect company. This book answered my questions, and more.

You don’t have to have suffered either trauma or drama to greatly benefit from this book. If you have ever had ups and downs, felt in the flow and also bereft, or in other words are human, there is something here for you.

I encourage you to read this book and reignite your joy, vibrancy, inner peace, and glow!

I received this book from Hay House through NetGalley, in exchange for my opinion of it. Now that’s a sparkle-inducing pattern in my life that I certainly recognize and cultivate!

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