A Handy Tool for Navigating Change




The fallout is happiness.


Here’s a soul-saving response for when you’re asked how your new endeavor is going.

“It’s working.” (Insert genuine smile here. 🙂 )

You know what situation I mean. You’ve made a change in your life that is deeply personal, has a significant impact on you, and is kinda scary. What form the actual change takes is not the point–the fact that it is a deep change for you is what matters.

Maybe it’s a decision to alter your eating habits. Or begin a meditation practice. Or switch careers. Or write a book.

Or perhaps it’s a change you didn’t choose, but rather one that chose you. Like becoming a grandfather by your teenage daughter’s pregnancy.  Or navigating with your aging parent. Becoming widowed.

At some point you’ll run into people who ask you how you’re doing. And whether they ask out of genuine concern for you or out of their own free version of reality drama, your personal process is at stake with what you say next.

Because your response is the story that it will become. The words you use to describe your feeling for that moment become the stone tablets that others revere as unchanging gospel. And that’s the story they share with others. Widely.

So, how is your story going?

I’ll bet it’s working!

thumb-up-terminator pablo M R

Terminally optimistic



A super tool for your belt. Gimmick-free.




Party on.


There’s no dark side to a positive attitude.


A handy multi-tool, King Prawn style.


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