Dare to Lose Your Security Blanket; Marvel at What Your Heart Gains

Linus Van Pelt and his blanketMarvel's Deadpool making heart hands

Remember that 1990’s Doritos commercial series? The one with the tagline, “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more.” Well, giving from the heart is a lot like that.

Crunch all you want, we'll make more Doritos ad

When you give unconditionally and with an open heart, the well never dries. For both others and for ourselves.

This applies whether it’s our time, our talent, or our treasures.


Sometimes it occurs to you to start a conversation with your headphoned teenager, but you read your book on the couch next to them instead. Occasionally you reach to empty the dishwasher, and then stop because it’s really your spouse’s turn. Maybe you think about leaving a larger tip on your lunch tab, and then don’t as you tell yourself maybe next time you will.

We all do this. We get the idea to go just a little bit further, and then don’t. We stay comfortable. We stay safe. We stay the course.

What if  the next time you hesitate before giving beyond your norm, you checked in with yourself:

  • Am I closing my heart?
  • Can I safely open it in this instance?

Note: There is a difference between safety and comfort — challenge your comfort, but never compromise your safety.

How could that begin to change you, for the better? How could that guide you on your path of evolution as a soul?

I’ve had a much-the-same hairstyle that I’ve loved for almost twenty years, when I began to become intrigued by the idea of donating my hair. But I stayed safe, in my comfort zone, without change. I finally realized after quite some time that I was afraid of lack, of less. Oh for crying out loud, it’s hair.  This is a classic case of “I’ll make more!” I realized I had nothing to lose but my current state of comfort level.

So I finally did it. I cut my hair and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization that makes and gives real-hair wigs free to women dancing with cancer.

author before haircut


how I really felt before

(How I felt about challenging my comfort.)

And guess what?

It turns out that I totally leveled up.

(Hint: it’s not really about the hair…)

Four braids of the author's donated hair.

Author after haircut donation.


Now to you: I encourage you to notice the next time you get a hit to go beyond your norm and you hesitate. Check in with your heart and see if you are truly staying safe or merely staying comfortable.What level do you want to live at, in this circumstance? Please share your experience and thoughts in the comments below. Give all you like, you’ll make more.

heart shape of fire

2 Comments on “Dare to Lose Your Security Blanket; Marvel at What Your Heart Gains”

  1. Thank you for your comments! It’s interesting that when we loosen our grip on our Linus blankets (and we all have ’em), they transform into our capes. We don’t truly lose them at all!


  2. Beautiful💗 Your hair is truly a pure giving of yourself and your love. I admire your courage, and willingness to open wide beyond your comfort level and give freely. Thank you for sharing your gift and allowing us to also ponder more deeply in what ways beyond our usual comfort zone, can we love bigger, deeper, and wider. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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