Four Parts to Manifestation. Part Four — Spiritual

nautilus shell, sacred geometry, sacred spiral

(Part four of four — Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

Here’s where we’ve been with this four-part series on manifestation. First, we’ve felt the frustration of wanting X yet continuing to experience Y. Next, we’ve realized that the actions we take in any given moment support either X or Y — and to choose with awareness. Then, we explored our possible hidden commitments, the reasons that we unconsciously continue to create Y — and that opening to this is what helps us transition to X.

Because of all of these aspects so far, we come to a revelation. A How-To for actually becoming X. And if we would have skipped right to it, we would not have learned its depth:

Let go of the Why. Release trying to figure it all out. Instead, just allow the feelings and the moment to flow through — and beyond.

In each moment, all we need to do is be still. Honor our feelings. Let it move through. Be the channel, the observer.

When we can get to this place, we let go of standing back and judging ourselves and our situations. We release our struggle and disharmony. Now we just see, honor, and appreciate our lives. We let X in.

Which was already there the whole time. Now we simply aren’t blocking it.

When we stop identifying ourselves as the water droplet, we become the ocean. When we stop seeing ourselves as the ray, we become the sun. We don’t have to fully understand what is happening; it’s enough to know that it is simply becoming more and more beautiful. As we release the emotional, physical, and mental aspects of our situation and our being, spirit becomes our state. And now we are X.

This happens not by reaching and striving for it, but by letting go of the rest.

Maybe I’ll get straight to that letting-go one day, without having to grab it first in order to then set free. For now, I’m still at the point where I fully face and bless it, before I can then release it.

AHA! Perhaps that’s an old pattern, my old story — hidden in trust issues…?

DOUBLE AHA! Let go of trying to figure it out. Just breathe, open my shoulders and chest, relax my stomach and face, and simply feel as this thought moves through me.

OhMyGosh I just experienced X…

dandelion pouf blowing onto the wind

What’s your revelation? Your Aha? Share, and/or comment below. Or if you prefer, just sit with it…

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