Four Parts to Manifestation. Part Three — Mental

Woman blindfolded

Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Part Three of Four (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

Exploring the hidden commitment–Mental

From the emotional aspect of manifestation, I learn to recognize situations in which I say I want one thing (X) but continue to experience another (Y). And that there is the idea that I ultimately act to support my hidden commitment. Which is why I continue to experience Y…

For example, I say I want my existing clothes to fit better again (X), and yet I continually squeeze into my pants (Y).

From the physical aspect of manifestation, I learn to recognize that my actions support either X or Y. And that I get to choose again and again and again, in each small moment as it arrives.

For example, when I get hungry I can ask myself, “What will support what I say I want, rather than continuing to support my existing situation?” And then I can choose a turkey lettuce wrap with sprouts instead of a super-sized drive-through meal — and be even more nourished and satisfied than anticipated.

How about your X vs. Y story? Can you identify one? Are you able to then recognize your choices in the moments, and act to support your X?

Now that we’ve identified our situation and can act on a supportive plan, let’s take a look at addressing our hidden commitment.

My continuing to hold extra weight makes me wonder if I am symbolically layering. Maintaining a protective layer. Keeping something out from reaching me, or keeping something hidden within? Either one is about safety. Feeling secure. Which leads to the connection of…trust.

I suspect that I might hold myself back from fully trusting. Trusting enough to really let others in. Trusting that I am enough, from within. And this surprises me, because I would not have described myself this way. The gift is in being open to considering this idea. I am discovering that in allowing myself to explore these ideas, it’s not that I am or am not trusting: it’s that I’m leveling up my life in the area of trust. My relationships — with others and myself — are becoming deeper. Richer. Enhanced. Bounteous. Expansive.

Wow. Just…wow.

It’s your turn. We create what we are most committed to. With that in mind, patiently look at your Y, the experience you’ve been having despite what it is you say you want instead. What are some possible hidden commitments you might have? Nothing is off the table, lay out any possibility for consideration. There may be a surprise or two in there for your highest good. It’s not important to pigeonhole your hidden commitment here; it is important to open your mind to possibilities. Please share, forward, and add your comments below, as witnessing for each other’s processes also helps us with our own

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