Four Parts to Manifestation. Part Two — Physical

woman in the forest looking at sparklers in her hands

Part Two of Four (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

Building upon our last conversation, I now recognize that I say I want X (for example, to lose weight), yet I continually experience Y (make poor food choices). What did you discover about your experience with this situation? What is it that you desire, yet continually don’t experience?

Further, I realize that what I’m doing is feeding (oh, ha) my hidden commitment. With my layering and gathering, I think I might be protecting. And this is a surprise. What might your own hidden commitment be?  

Take some time to sit with that, we’ll explore this mental aspect of manifestation next time. Today, we’re going to look at how to specifically get ourselves from X to Y. What to DO with what we are aware of — the physical aspect.

Here is the secret I’ve found to moving myself from what I’m actually experiencing (X) into what it is that I truly desire (Y). And it’s really very simple:

Every action I take supports either what I say I want, or what it is that I continue to experience. In the moment, I can choose accordingly.

For example, I was beginning an hour and a half drive home the other day, and I was kind of  hungry. I wanted to treat myself to a particular fast food meal. I actually started salivating. I even told myself I deserve it, just this random time.

Red flag: this is my X!

My other option was to eat the banana I had with me, and have a salad when I got home.

Red flag: this is my Y!

(Interestingly enough, you’d think this was a green flag because it’s the better option to support what it is that I say I want. However, for me it’s a red flag because I perceived it as unsatisfying. This is an old pattern that continues to support my Y. Seeing it as a red flag is helpful for me to bring attention to it.)

Here is the secret, in motion. Choose the action that supports what I say I want, in the given moment.

Telling myself I’m going to eat healthier is too big and vague. That’s committing to every choice in every moment, before even starting. However, when faced with one choice in one moment, taking the immediate action that supports X over Y is much easier.

Yes, I did choose the act in that moment that supports what I say I want. I peeled my banana.

Minion with a banana and a big smile

Plus, with all that awareness of my choice of action in the moment directly supporting either X or Y? My Big Mac would have tasted like sawdust. Now that would have been unsatisfying!

The bonus that I experienced was unexpected. With my awareness of choice, in the moment, the action that supported X, my banana and eventual salad were actually…very delicious. And I was genuinely fulfilled.

I think the satisfaction of my meal might not come from external choices, but internal ones. And that’s not faking myself into one heckuva delicious piece of kale, either. I continue to surprise myself as I unfold…one physical action in one physical moment at a time.

And I still know how, and when, to savor shrimp scampi. Just saying.

It’s your turn. Forget the big picture of the changes you might want to make, and only consider one moment as it is handed to you. In that moment of choice, ask yourself: Which action can I take that supports what it is that I say I want? Share your moment in the comments below, and pass this article along to someone who might benefit.

Yeah…those moments. It’s tough to go back now, after awareness, isn’t it?!? 😉

We’ll look at our mental hidden commitments in the next article. You got this. Carry on.

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