Four Parts to Manifestation. Part One — Emotional

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(Part One of Four–Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual)

I say I want one thing, yet what I am experiencing is another.

For example, I say I want to save money — while I continue to spend. I say I want to lose weight — yet I continue to eat mindlessly and not move my body.

For being such a big believer in creating our own realities and lives, what the heck am I doing with my own, here?!?

Have you experienced this? Do you say you want one thing, when your life continues to be another?

Nancy Levin taught me that we create what we are most committed to. So why do I continually create one scenario when I truly believe I want another?

What’s the hidden commitment I actually have? What is it that I gain from what I do, versus what I tell myself I want?

Let’s look closer at this; it’s starting to make sense to me. Maybe it will help you, too.

With my examples of money and food, I can now see that I am symbolically gathering. Collecting. Bringing. Layering. Is this building up protection? Am I attempting to keep something out, or to keep something hidden within? Ahh… Either way, it’s about safety.

That’s a pretty big Aha. I think I’ll sit with that one for awhile.

Let’s turn and support you, now. Do you experience a similar situation as me, in that you say you want X yet you keep experiencing Y? Considering the idea that we create what we are most committed to, can you discover the symbolism within what you are experiencing? Share in the comments below and/or journal your thoughts privately. There is great revelation through writing it out.

There’s no wrong-ness here. Only awareness. You are safe to explore. And so am I.

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5 Comments on “Four Parts to Manifestation. Part One — Emotional”

  1. I loved this post! I’m just like you – I have a plan to do x much university work but instead find myself aimlessly scrolling on social media! Similarly with my weight: I want to lose x amount but I’m still eating unhealthily. It’s crazy the way our minds work but hopefully we can push through and succeed in our goals 🙂
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola


  2. Fantastic! Feeling in here, spending some time on this, and then writing through. Thank you for sharing your process Gina! As always, spot on m’love!!!! ❤


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