Word Becomes Flesh

word cloud of uplifting words

I love words. They’re concise energy, personalized. The physical translation can feel like a wild strawberry on the tongue, lush fur rippling between fingers, full-body hums attuning to a singing bowl.

Or, the translation can feel like a fish bone jabbing into gums, warm dog poo squishing between bare toes, a too-close thunderclap reverberating from inside the chest.

Depending on the words. Your choice.

I learned about this firsthand, years ago.  And it rocked my world.

I had become a single mom working full-time while going back to school. After working through descriptions such as Difficult, Exhausting, and Impossible, I turned to the word Courage.  This word helped me immensely — with meeting my challenges, building my confidence, and simply getting out of bed each morning from a place of grace and dignity. Also from a place of humor, and just the right touch of irreverence (learning when to not give a pile of warm dog poo).

woman showing strength with biceps, bright blue sky and clouds behind her.

After some time of calling in this Courageous energy, I noticed a change. I was successfully through needing courage, and now embodied it. I became courage. And guess what? I now began to continually attract new situations and circumstances that required courage. On a smaller scale, to be sure, but still… I desired to live in a way that no longer constantly rose to ever-present challenges. 

My actual language was that no matter what curveball Life would throw at me, I would hit it out of the park.  I did, each time, but I finally noticed that what my language was really doing was asking for curveballs so that I could courageously hit home runs.  And I received what I asked for.

Whoa. That was a huge eye-opener.

So I thanked my Angels for having become courageous, and I changed my word, I decided I wanted to learn more about Joy. And darned if that didn’t work too! I again received what I asked for — in spades! As I explored this word, I began to actualize more and greater situations of joy in my life. Not just pleasant, not just happy, but pure, absolute joy. Again and again and again.

And that’s when I fully learned that our words become our flesh.

So what’s one word you can choose to call in more of its energy? To bring to life within you? To become?

Some pick a word at New Year’s, an annual theme of desired experience. Joy, Trust, Intuition — even the word Choice, itself.

CaptureIn Minnesota a few years ago, elementary teachers at a school had received a link to an encouraging blog post about word focus from their principal, Dr. Brad  Gustafson. And, some of them put it into action by including their students. These students were encouraged to personally select such a word, and they then created expressive art and 3D printing projects around them. Some chosen words? Creative. Powerful. Loving.



This year my word is Receive. Some of my strengths include stepping up, making things happen, and accomplishing through taking action. I could, however, learn more about creating space, softening, and allowing.

We’re halfway through the year. My receptivity practice finds me moving through life smoothly and with more peace. My sharp edges are softened, and my directing has become gentle guiding.

images (1)

The energy of this word, Receive, cradles me in a different expression of strength. While at the same time, I retain the expressions I already know. I am not becoming a different person; I am becoming even more deeply myself. 

Now it’s your turn: Choose a word whose energy you’re attracted to. For whatever reason. Maybe you’d like to learn more about it, as I did. Maybe you would simply like to increase its expression through you. Perhaps you are looking to focus on this energy for the year, for the season, or for the day. It’s all good. Add your word in the comments below, and share this with those who came to mind as you read! Experience how your life will change with your conscious choice of wording.

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