Life Is A “Choose Your Own Adventure” Story. Here’s How to Write It.

road that makes a T

You get to make life the way you want it to be. We all do.

In fact, we already write our own life stories, whether it’s by conscious choice or by unconscious default.

Not sure that’s exactly true? Consider today a new chapter in a book that’s just morphed into a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type of story. You know, the kind that at the end of the page you get to decide where the story goes next, and you head over to the corresponding page based on your decision.

three choices at a point in a random story

For example, you just read the part where you fist-pump because you received a birthday $50 from your mother in Boise, Idaho, and you live in Bemidji, Minnesota. Do you schedule a massage, put it toward groceries, or put it in your savings? If you use it on a bonus, otherwise-unpurchased treat for yourself, go to page 112. If you use it as extra that boosts the regular household budgetary flow, go to page 73. If you don’t use it at all and tuck it away for the future, go to page 296.  You create your story, and the story continues from there.

There really are no wrong answers, by the way. UNLESS you wish you could have made another choice. And, let’s be honest: we do go there sometimes.

Which just means that we get to choose again. That’s all. Don’t let the Bewares and Warnings fool you.

beware and warning form a choose your own adventure book. It says to just go back and choose again.

So let’s let go of “because it’s always been done that way,” and choose “let’s try this” instead.

Can we declare independence from pleasing others, and become our own authority instead?

What if we release ourselves from our Shoulds, and allow to go by what feels uplifting instead?

Want to see what happens next in your story? Turn to page Tomorrow! Or even A Few Hours Later, as happened to me:

I was going to clean the house today. I was feeling disconnected after being gone for a week, and it would feel good to get re-grounded. Partway through, I realized that having the floors clean and the laundry done already satisfied my physical reconnection. So, I gave myself permission to choose again.

And I discovered that what would really make me feel solidly returned to Home is to now sit with a book and a beer on the deck. 

And both adventures feel great.

The bathrooms and dusting can wait until tomorrow. Or even a few hours later.

author's deck, with patio furniture, umbrella, and a book and a beer.

It’s a wonderful day.

Now to you: what is one thing you can do to choose how you desire your day to unfold? What is one thing you can choose to guide your month? How about the rest of your year? Share in the comments, below.

3 Comments on “Life Is A “Choose Your Own Adventure” Story. Here’s How to Write It.”

    • I’m glad you shared, Wendy! I can get caught up in making my story linear — and not remembering that I’m my own author and can decide how it goes. We live our stories as they are being written. It’s not like we are cracking the spine on an already-completed book.

      Oh! Kind of like a soap opera script?!? It gets written as it goes?!? Ha ha haaaa!

      No, wait, I like thinking of it like Harold and The Purple Crayon instead. No drama; pure imagination! ❤


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