Looking For A Reset Button? Try This.

image of a reset button

Sometimes Life can throw us off of our groove.

It could be that we are flooded with busy-ness, like when there’s four family gatherings to attend over the two-day holidays.

Other times we are focused on a culminating event, such as a graduation party or the selling of a house.

Maybe there’s no event occurring and we just feel slightly stagnant, restless in where we are while not yet pulled in the direction of Out. This could take the form of something big like a career, relationship, or vacation. Or, it could be something seemingly small like boredom with cooking, nothing of interest to read, or apathy at getting off the couch.

We just want to get back to Normal (or find a new one), and could use a Reset button.

Great news! We already have one.

Gratitude upgrades our lives. Every time, and without fail. Yet we still have to choose it, so here’s a simple tool to help us get our gratitude on:

Pam Grout’s Party Game #1: AA 2.0 (from Thank and Grow Rich)

  1. Before you get out of bed in the morning, declare that “Something Amazingly Awesome is going to happen to me today.”  Level Up: put a full-body smile on your face as you do this.
  2. At the start of your day, note 3 blessings (a.k.a. Amazing Awesomeness) from yesterday. They must be different every day, so get specific. Level-Up: share these! Text, tweet, post, email — within a group or with the world at large.

Cover of Thank and Grow Rich

It looks like this:

young girl with big smile of joy“Something Amazingly Awesome is going to happen to me today!” 


  1. A surprise visit with a longtime family friend at a random workplace retirement party.
  2. A new bird at the backyard feeder, a male Evening Grosbeak.
  3. An authentic compliment about a brave color I wore.


Thinking of your daily three creates the habit; writing them down makes it stick. Consider it personal training for strengthening your gratitude muscles (which operate your Reset button).

We get out of Life what we focus on.

Now to you: Smile and say, “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today!” Then, share three blessings from yesterday in the comments below. Live this prayer regularly, and be astounded at your life’s new normal.

Inhale blessings, exhale gratitude.


2 Comments on “Looking For A Reset Button? Try This.”

  1. Got the garden tilled before the rain!
    Enjoyed some much needed restoration on the mat during my morning practice.
    Found my fabulous in the midst of a full day, in other words, I stayed present and focused, and listened to what my body needed in the midst of the motion.


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