Soul Shifts

Book cover, link to purchase on AmazonDr. Barbara DeAngelis describes Soul Shifts as her most important life’s work. Through this book she teaches seekers who are awakening to personal transformation.

Through her own story examples, Dr. DeAngelis leads readers through a four-part process: gateways to authentic awakening, the technology of transformation, soul shifts for practical spirituality, and living your soul shifts.

We already have everything we need for awakening inside of us! We are vibration, and living from this truth is transformative. Dr. DeAngelis offers techniques to put into practice, both in the immediate moment and for the long haul.

This is an interesting book that supports everyone’s library of personal growth reading. The author is passionate about her knowledge and teaching, and it is worth exploring.

I received this book gratefully in exchange for my review of it, from Hay House through NetGalley

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