Divine Magic

Divine MagicThis is the second edition of Doreen Virtue’s explanation of The Kybalion, made understandable and applicable for readers today. The Kybalion is a classic spiritual teaching manual that is now in the public domain.  Although an internet search will land you at the original text, Divine Magic does a fabulous job of breaking these Hermetic teachings down into usable pieces. If you are at all interested in understanding and using your innate Divinely magical abilities, this book should be on your reading list.

Divine magic refers to mental alchemy. Basically it’s the truth that we can change/transmute any object or situation by changing our thoughts.  Yep, we really do have the complete ability to turn crap into gold.  This is way beyond just thinking happy thoughts and deluding ourselves into pretending all is well.  This is truly manifesting our physical reality into treasured joy.

Start back in ancient Greece/Egypt, when Hermes Trismegistus verbalized the original teachings of The Kybalion. Flash forward to 1908, when The Three Initiates wrote a comprehensive explanation of this spiritual work. Jump to now, and enjoy Doreen Virtue’s relevant, applicable, and loving guide to understanding both the original verbal teachings and their later-published explanation.

Following the original chapter format, Doreen easily maintains the complete integrity of the original work through italics and clearly marked identification. As a reader, it’s easy to follow: Doreen’s guidance about what you’re about to read, followed by the original piece that she is talking about. It’s very effective to have the relevance discussed first and then the original writing.  I much prefer today’s conversational style to what was used in 1908….

If you enjoy The Law of Attraction, alchemy, or the idea of creating your own reality, you will definitely want to read this book.  I was not familiar with The Kybalion before reading this, and could see how it fits with similar topics of interest. I was not disappointed.

I received this book as a reviewer for Hay House through NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion of it. What a golden opportunity for everyone involved!

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