To Heaven and Back

To Heaven and BackTo Heaven and Back, by Mary C. Neal, MD, is a beautiful “extraordinary account of her death, Heaven, angels, and life again.”

Although pretty spectacular in and of itself, the author’s death experience is not the only facet to this book.  Dr. Neal relates events from her childhood through life past that singular death event, how they all intertwine for her, and how that relates to each of us.  She writes in a flowing, easily read manner that is about what she has to say and not about who is saying it.  You will not be disappointed when you are not reading specifically about her death experience, which is why you picked it up in the first place!

Her writing and message transcend occupations and lifestyles, instead directly accessing hope, joy, and love.  The book is about each of our personal spiritual journeys.  Our journey encompasses this life and crosses over into the next, she shows that the two are not at all separate.

My dear friend Wendy loaned me her copy, and because I trust her book recommendations implicitly I gave it a shot.  It was one of those deals where I didn’t really have the time, and I kind of forced myself to start it–and found I absolutely could not put it down!  I did have to set it aside and breathe a little throughout reading, giving my spirit the chance to absorb such beauty.  It is more profound than heavy, as it is incredibly supportive and uplifting in such a strong and gentle way without weighing down the reader.

The back of the book tells me that the author made the national media circuit with this book, and I am disappointed I missed that!  I’m going to search Google and YouTube to see if I can find those clips on the Internet.  After reading her story, I’m interested to see and hear her talk about it!

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