To Heaven and Back

To Heaven and Back, by Mary C. Neal, MD, is a beautiful “extraordinary account of her death, Heaven, angels, and life again.” Although pretty spectacular in and of itself, the author’s death experience is not the only facet to this book.  Dr. Neal relates events from her childhood through life past that singular death event, how […]

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Liebster Blog Award!

Thank you to Stand Upon Grace for your gracious nomination of this humble blog!  It is received with heartfelt appreciation. Take a side trip along a scenic gravel road to Wendy’s homestead here:    Refreshments are readily available, for both body and spirit! For information on the enigmatic history of The Liebster Award, click on the medallion above. 5 Random Things […]

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Coffee with Wendy

Everyone needs a go-to friend, someone you call for the really big stuff.  Okay, for the little stuff too.  When I find myself there, I pour a cup of coffee and call Wendy.  She knows that what I am working through really isn’t about the situation, it is about the energetic patterns behind it.  She […]

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