Liebster Blog Award!

liebster award medallionThank you to Stand Upon Grace for your gracious nomination of this humble blog!  It is received with heartfelt appreciation.

Take a side trip along a scenic gravel road to Wendy’s homestead here:    Refreshments are readily available, for both body and spirit!

For information on the enigmatic history of The Liebster Award, click on the medallion above.

5 Random Things About Me:

1. I was going to be a writer one day…now I write.

2. I used to reason…now I intuit.

3. I used to process as a way to produce…now I release the outcome.

4. I used to seek approval…now I know I am enough.

5. I used to seek authority…now I am my own maven.

Wendy’s 5 Questions:

1. What is your favorite recipe?

Have to say our stovetop-popped popcorn!  Maybe it’s the three popped kernels in the 1/4 c. canola oil heated at med-high heat (8 on the dial), that signal it’s time to pour in the rest of the heaping 2/3 c. of Jolly Time White goodness.  Perhaps it’s the teasingly loose knob on the copper lid of the handed-down, dedicated, pot-bellied, aluminum pan seasoned with generations of communal snacking love.  Could it be the dusting of finely ground popcorn salt combined with the 2 Tbsp. of melted buttery drizzle?  Likely it’s the family and friends gathering over the generously-sized bowl of popcorny goodness–serves everyone!

2. How do you show/express love and kindness to others?

Actually, I resonate with all five Love Languages, which I find kinda interesting.  It’s love to take the time to learn how the other best receives, and then present to them in that form.  It’s love to also express to them in your own mode.  Love provides acts of service but does not cross the line into servitude.  Love freely gives credit and compliments but does not overstep into patronizing.  Giving it some thought, I realize that I think about what I can do to honor the other person in that moment, without dishonoring myself; to give support and encouragement for the other to confidently go forward in their lives from there.  Very good question, Wendy!

3. What are your favorite ways, or activities, to spend time with those you love?

Family Movie Nights!  (With popcorn, see above!)  Sharing chores, indoors and out. Eating our meals together.  Trips to town for groceries and supplies.  Kids’ activities and events. Seasonal awesomeness such as fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, time at the cabin. I’ve had people tell me that we spend an uncommonly large amount of time together as a family, but I disagree that it’s unusual–perhaps they are just speaking from their own patterns, which is understandable for all of us.

4. What words do you live your life by?  What is your motto, or mantra for life?

Illuminating another’s candle does not diminish my own light.

5. What is your wildest dream?

To write full-time from my home in a manner that supports my family, inspires readers, and sustains my spirit!

liebster blog 3

My Nominees:

Jenny Morbey Makes

Leaf and Twig

Dianne Gray

Cristian Mihai


My 5 Questions:

1. Create three sentences using this format: “I used to…now I…”

2. Who in your circle of family and friends are you most similar to, and why?

3. If you had a surprise day off from your regular life, what would you do today?

4. Pick an archetype that has lately been speaking to you; introduce who it is and share their message.

5. What is your favorite routine maintenance task or chore?  Your least favorite?

For those with blogs chosen for the award– copy and paste the award in your blog. Tell who nominated you with a link to my blog. Share five random things about yourself and then answer my questions. When that is all done, nominate five bloggers that you follow and send them the rules, creating five new questions for them to answer along with their random things.  Have fun! liebster2

4 Comments on “Liebster Blog Award!”

  1. Congratulations Gina, well done 🙂 That’s great that you no longer feel the need to seek the approval of others, always pandering and capitulating to others in order to be liked is such an unfulfilling state to be stuck in!

    All the best Gina, happy blogging in 2013 🙂



  2. Congratulations, Gina! I love popcorn and fishing as well (my two faves!) 😀

    Thank you so much for the nomination – I’m heading off now to check out the other nominees 😉


  3. Gina, thank you so much for your nomination and sharing me with your readers. I am touched and honored. But because I like to keep the look of my blog simple I don’t do the process for nominations. I just revel in the generosity and encouragement of the nomination. Wonderful to get to you more about you in your nomination. Very, very best – Seedbud


    • “Simply reveling” still fully receives the sent intentions–thank you for knowing that I understand that as well. Your creativity is changing the world, thank you for sharing it!


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