Even in our scary differences we are still alike

What’s the difference, for the observer, between one person moving through their life by seemingly needing everything to be planned out and in its proper slot, and another person seemingly taking things as they come and just seeing what happens? Being privy to their thought process. Both types, as we watch them, are relaxed and […]

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Merry Everything

Christmas. Winter Holidays. Longer daylight hours. Work successes. Personal achievements. Gathering. Friendship. Family. A love of a lifetime. Everything. Right where we are. Contentment. Deep, abiding Holy Ahhhhh….. Of course, and thank You.

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Tell Your Own Story

A few months ago a friend shared that a great gift her mother gave years ago to her surviving children was that she had pre-written her own eulogy. Wait. What?!? “Oh, yeah,” she said. “At that time, with all of us siblings trying to figure out all of those funeral details? Mom wasn’t honored in […]

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