Tell Your Own Story


A few months ago a friend shared that a great gift her mother gave years ago to her surviving children was that she had pre-written her own eulogy.

Wait. What?!?

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “At that time, with all of us siblings trying to figure out all of those funeral details? Mom wasn’t honored in a way that she would have wanted, it was the way she wanted. I will never forget that.”

What a celebration — still to this day.

Think about it: we get to tell our own story. The story we want told, its quality. Beyond just events on a timeline.

How powerful could this be for ourselves, to pre-write our own eulogy? To evaporate our busy-ness and noise, and condense our life’s heart and soul. To distill ourselves for a moment to what and who is important, in the midst of the movement of our Life.



Write your own knockout eulogy. For your own living self.


In the spirit of reflection, appreciation, and gratitude that we already practice, here’s a new exercise for each of us.

Part One: Write your eulogy, as of today.

Tell the current story of you.

  • Tell it as goodness — eulogies don’t chastise.
  • Tell the story of the best of you — this is a life affirmation.
  • Tell it quickly — don’t overthink or over-detail; make it fit on the back of a program, for example.

Part Two: Write your eulogy, as of age 100.

What does Future You have to add?

  • What do you want to be able to tell?
  • What direction do you want your life to go?
  • What qualities would you like to more fully embrace in your life?

In doing this exercise, I’ve discovered compassion for my past self. I’ve deepened my understanding of valued qualities that I want to attend even more mindfully to. And, I am receiving a connection of Divine love and embrace. Now that’s a celebration!

What surprises has this exercise given you? Share your discoveries in the comments below.


And so it is.

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