What Makes Us Healthy

I just listened to Caroline Myss’ new cd series, What Makes Us Healthy.  I was gifted the 6-cd set from Hay House in exchange for an honest review. Caroline Myss is the Mystic Queen.  Her ability to not only see the world objectively and archetypically, but to teach that viewpoint to others as well, is a joy and a gift.   Her signature no-nonsense approach inherently […]

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Glass Half Full

You may know you already choose to see the cup as half full.  Okay, some moments I fully know I am immersed in the half-empty mentality–and then it’s my job to flip that thinking.  In just ten more minutes…. Seriously though, I recommend forcing that thinking once you are aware of it.  Just today I was […]

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Holy Crap!

There I was, answering one person about another with a less-than-complimentary but truthful comment–and Surprise! That person I described was in the room and heard me. Remember the awful feelings of grade school playground dramas?  Yep, suddenly I did too.  The thing is, I know better than that.  And I act better than that.What I said […]

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