Resurrecting Venus

Resurrecting Venus, by Cynthia Occelli, isn’t what I was expecting; it was better.

I watched this video trailer and thought the book might be simply a cathartic and healing journey–which is fine for the author. However, when I read the description of “Cynthia dispels the myths surrounding feminine power and explains where the feminist movement went awry, resulting in women carrying unnecessary and untenable burdens”, I decided to give it a chance.  It resonated with ideas and conversations I’ve tickled before, and in a brilliant moment of allowing the flow (!) I accepted this title as a gift from Hay House in exchange for my honest opinion.

Yes, it is a journey for the author–isn’t all writing?–but the brilliance is in how it reads.  It is very reader-centered where I was expecting author-centered: Cynthia uses her own experiences where helpful, and then gets out of the way.  The focus is on the ideas and thoughts as they apply to all women, an offering of feminine recollection and celebration to the world.

I also am grateful that in no way is this book a man-hater.  Quite the opposite, it celebrates good men and is in favor of masculine support in the divine dance.

You may disagree with some of Cynthia’s words–it takes courage to truly own your opinion as well as examine how it stands in the face of another’s.   However, her passion, gratitude, and genuine desire to empower others to make the world a better place through her book is its gentle strength.  This is written for others, not for herself.  And it is a voice that we need to hear.

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