Surrender Past the Flow

For a while now I have been mindfully practicing going with the flow, allowing, and not forcing directing acting like I’m in charge so much.  My life, sanity, and peace have improved, I highly recommend it!

Hells Canyon, ID

Photo by gina drellack

I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean I give up responsibility or direction, it means I show up for life and co-create.  And there’s more going on here than only what I bring.

Isn’t it interesting how we often come to these turning and learning points in our lives due to a problem issue discomfort?

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Image courtesy of

Recently I’m struggling again, but in a newish way.  What do we do when we are flowing, but we begin to seriously question if we can continue in the direction that we are flowing with?  When we realize our vessel in this metaphorical river has changed from a favored canoe into an emergency life raft?

Maybe the company we work with is shifting their priorities.  Perhaps the organization we volunteer for is changing their focus.  Could be a friend is becoming an energy vampire.  I’m talking about after we’ve signed on for committees, task forces, and leadership roles to help with the big picture, and we find the direction remains unaffected.

Discomfort makes us take a closer look at ourselves, and reevaluate.  Maybe I make a difference on a level I am unaware of, and the best thing I can do is carry on and go with the flow.  Could be that I’m meant to expand at this time, and the best thing I can do is to flow in a new direction.  How are we to know which way the flow goes?

What if the best thing we can do in these situations is surrender?  I thought I had, as I shared at the beginning of this post–but I am learning that there is another layer to this flow thing.

And about direction, there is no incorrect choice.  In fact, I am not being asked to even make a choice.  I visualize an open-hearted Me that surrenders to each day–moment even–with great love, inviting possibilities.  I think I’ll even call her Flo.

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