What Makes Us Healthy

I just listened to Caroline Myss’ new cd series, What Makes Us Healthy.  I was gifted the 6-cd set from Hay House in exchange for an honest review.

Caroline Myss is the Mystic Queen.  Her ability to not only see the world objectively and archetypically, but to teach that viewpoint to others as well, is a joy and a gift.   Her signature no-nonsense approach inherently reminds listeners to put and keep their big-people pants on and take ownership of themselves.  If you need someone to gently stroke your hair and tell you repeatedly that it’s all gonna be OK, this is not where you go.  Caroline is not into feeding your Victim–she is about empowering you to own your situation, identify your needs, and act in accordance with (your) Spirit.  Over and over and over again.  Caroline’s teaching is tremendously supportive, hugely encouraging, and never enabling.

Health is described less as physical and more spiritual, although make no mistake they are connected.  A point of hers is that an individual with a physical condition may appear unhealthy, yet is spiritually whole: this person is truly healthy.  Contrast that with an individual who is physically fit, whole, and agile, yet has no capacity for empathy: this person is in fact unhealthy despite appearances.

Health is described as integrity, honesty, and spiritual congruence.  Can you act on your values and yet not judge those who don’t?  Are you able to keep negative comments to yourself?  Even further, can you not have the negative thoughts toward another in the first place?  When you say “Lord, bless everyone I come in contact with today,” are you able to include your ex-spouse when you later receive their surprise, snotty email?  Okay, now how about without feeling smug about being able to do so?  Can you choose the high road consistently, not only when recognized for it?

All of us are on a path, and the Benevolent Queen does not chop off my head when I fall short of perfection.  She knows that we all have the capacity for spiritual health, and her energies go into teaching me a firm “get up, and carry on” style.  She knows I can do it, yet she also knows it is up to me to choose to do so.

If you are familiar with Caroline Myss, you will certainly appreciate this cd series.  If you have not yet met this woman, you will be very pleased to make her acquaintance through What Makes Us Healthy.  There is no prerequisite to listening, and your psyche and soul will feel so empowered that you will want to either revisit some of her other works or investigate it for the first time.


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