One simple action, SO much abundance!

I recently discovered a simple, new way to start my day that it is making a huge positive difference in my life. I absolutely recommend it to anyone. And everyone! It takes five seconds. You don’t even have to get out of bed first. In fact, it’s actually important that you don’t! For a radical re-shift toward […]

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Dog Bucket Debacle

I  had assumed that in learning to step off of the hamster wheel in my head, life would have more calm and ease. That moving through life more mindfully means that stupid stuff doesn’t happen anymore. Nope. Not true. Case in point: I calmly and easily backed our rig over a 5-gallon bucket of dog […]

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Excuse Me, That’s My Leg You’re Peeing On

As a dog lover, pack mentality fascinates me. As a people lover, group dynamics intrigues me. Occasionally, considering the similarities helps me. We’ve all encountered them: people who live their life making sure they are Top Dog. I’m talking simple day-to-day encounters with others, independent of career. These are people who tackle life as a hierarchy, a vertical […]

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