Joy happens

young girl child with hands and face painted bright colors

Okay, if practicing joy is how I become joyful, then how can I do more of that? I get the idea of giving joy before waiting to receive it, and that’s working pretty well for me. Giving joy to others, to the world, gives me joy as well. (Have you been trying it too?!?)

I’d like to experience how else can I give joy / receive joy / become joy.

You may already know that we are made from pure Love. That we are Love. That Love is our essence, our natural state. But did you know that joy is our natural state? It’s true. Let’s look at the math:

Natural state = Love

Love = Joy and Happiness

Therefore, Natural state = Joy and Happiness

chalkboard image of the pi symbol surrounded by the beginning of the infinite numerical value of pi.
Math. Mmm… Pie.

Joy is already here, we just have to uncover it. It’s not “out there,” it’s “in here.” All we need to do is see it. Recognize it. Allow it.

How do we do that? A great place to begin is gratitude.

Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things are.

Marianne Williamson

Do you have at least one good friend? Is your home warm and dry? Does your car get you where you need to go? Can you dress yourself? Do you have someone to assist you if you can’t? What do you like about what you see when you look out your window? What do you enjoy about what you hear around you from where you sit?

Recognize what is right with your world. Lead your day from that. And watch your natural state emerge.

What good can you allow yourself to recognize, today?

four hands spelling out the word love
man sitting on floor with young German Shepherd happily upside down in his lap
German Shepherd puppy joyously running in the snow at the camera
pasta letters spelling out did you smile today?
toddler jumping into the ocean waves

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