Practice joy

It’s easy to respond with joy when something amazingly awesome happens to me.

The sun is out today! The package I’ve been waiting for arrived! The bears are back! A great catch-up visit with a dearest friend! I totally rocked it with my work project today! A Sessions concert of my favorite band, right in my living room!

Welcome back, from the kitchen window!

But… What about the times when something fabulous is not occurring?

Coffee burned in the bottom of the pot. The dog threw up on the carpet. Had to postpone a breakfast visit with my friend. It’s currently snowing, and I thought we were done with this. The windows are dirty, and I just deeply don’t feel like I can take that on today.

Do we have to wait for something to make us feel happy? Is joy a result, or a catalyst?

What if it’s a practice? What if joy is a lifestyle? What if it’s a choice?

Perhaps joy can be practiced.

Perhaps we can decide to be happy,

to give joy

before waiting to receive it.

Marianne Williamson

What could happen if I practiced joy?

When we give joy, we also receive joy. We then become joy.

We are joy.

Which can only radiate from us — again giving joy.

What situation today can you give joy to? How can you give joy to a person in your life, today?

Barenaked Ladies on Sessions

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