Supercharge your morning (part 14)

sunset in heart hands

“What is one thing you can do this morning to make all your tomorrows be your best yet?”

Just for this morning

come to terms.

Make an agreement with yourself,

contract in, and commit.

Sign up to a completion date.


Tom Evans, Supercharge Your Morning

Spring is a great time to expand ourselves. Stretch our self-set limits. And to put our ideas into movement.

What do we tell ourselves we will do “one day?” What interests or hobbies do we say we’ll take up “when we have time?”

Finding a new job. Creating a garden. Expanding learning on a topic of interest. Renovating the bathroom. Seeking out new recipes. Moving house. Clutter clearing. 

Is it time for you to move your dreams from thoughts into reality? 

Say Yes to yourself.

And mean it.

Then, do something about it.

You got this.

Now, go for it.


Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash

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