Supercharge your morning (part 13)

“What is one thing you can do this morning to make all your tomorrows be your best yet?” Just for this morning create more of Heaven on Earth. Be a conduit from the above to the below. Operate solely from your heart center.   — Tom Evans, Supercharge Your Morning Heart centered. As above, so below. […]

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Update your vision Rx

How do you view potentially annoying situations? Your sleep is interrupted by your dog licking your face. You forgot your baking dish at your friend’s house. The coffeepot in the break room is empty. What if you could see it a different way? You are welcomed into a morning by someone completely overjoyed about YOU. […]

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Awaken Your Confidence, Live Your Purpose

You know that niggling little idea that you have, the one that gently cracks the lid of that cozy box of comfort you live in? And your eyes automatically squint in response because of the shining brilliance you just might become? Look fully at it. You don’t need approval. You don’t need the how. You […]

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