For the fun of it

You’ve probably seen a dog in a big stretch, the kind that explains the yoga pose called Downward-Facing Dog. This weekend I got to witness a honey of a yellow lab who periodically just joyously drops and puts herself into Thread The Needle. I kid you not. Quite honestly, I am inspired. I now realize […]

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The Time Is Now

Do you have an idea, a project, or an endeavor that you’ve been hibernating with? Maybe you’re thinking about starting PiYo. Could be you’re looking at a particular job posting. Perhaps you’ve toyed with learning how to play the violin.  How about your desire for a more homestead-style living? And what about that book you’d like […]

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Cause and Affect

If you were the country’s First Spouse, what would be your cause? Historically, First Ladies have championed a cause. Pursued a project. Motivated a movement. Now imagine yourself in their position. It’s January, and your spouse will begin their first term as President. The focus and flurry has been immense, and everything in your life […]

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