The Time Is Now

Do you have an idea, a project, or an endeavor that you’ve been hibernating with?

Maybe you’re thinking about starting PiYo. Could be you’re looking at a particular job posting. Perhaps you’ve toyed with learning how to play the violin.  How about your desire for a more homestead-style living? And what about that book you’d like to write, or that business idea you have…?

For me, I’ve considered going to Therapy Dog and Reading Canines training with my sweet Riley.


Good girl

And perhaps, like me, you’ve been in the infinity loop of “considering” for some time now…

Now is the time to begin.

Start before you’re ready.

Wait no longer for permission. Better yet, grant yourself permission: Permission to begin doing. Permission to be good enough. Permission to become that which you already are.

Don’t wait until you’re confident to begin — it’s by beginning that you gain confidence.

Stop waiting. Own your life.

Progress, not perfection.

And remember: you SO got this!

Own it in the comments below: what has been hibernating within you?





2 Comments on “The Time Is Now”

  1. Yes!!! The time is NOW!!!! I am owning it by taking intentional steps to creating a sacred online space to teach, share, and connect. No matter how scary, how overwhelming things may seem in the moment, I love your saying “progress not perfection” this leads me back to center and allows me to reconnect with my authentic truth, and keep moving forward. Thank you for that reminder. So much love for your path you choose to walk with Riley!!! You both will be (ALREADY ARE) fabulous!!!! 💗


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