For the fun of it

You’ve probably seen a dog in a big stretch, the kind that explains the yoga pose called Downward-Facing Dog.

photo of a woman and a dog head to head, each in downward dog pose

This weekend I got to witness a honey of a yellow lab who periodically just joyously drops and puts herself into Thread The Needle. I kid you not.

photograph of a tatooed man in thread the needle pose

Quite honestly, I am inspired. I now realize I have been holding a belief that moving my body during this time is causing some current physical limitations to be made worse. That “once my body feels better, then I will be able to walk/stretch/exercise/move more intentionally.”

But watching the happiness of this dog, just doing her thang in the simple moments and enjoying it, was enlightening:

What if I also found joy in moving my body, rather than just focusing on pain?

What if I was filled with gratitude in finding this happiness?

What if I gently lean into the discomfort, move through it rather than reacting by stopping, and trust that it will help my body once again find physical harmony in its right time?

I think I’ll start by dancing around the room.

In what other ways might I stretch myself and my thinking?

Thanks, Crouton.

yoga chick

Perhaps the very best thing that happens to souls who are suddenly overwhelmed by torrents of financial abundance is that they start working simply for the fun of it.

Hey! You can already do that!

I got your back,
  The Universe

P.S. Work, today, like no one’s watching.

notes from the universe — mike dooley

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