Happy New Year

Happiness is where we begin, not something we’ve earned at the end. We get to be happy now, right in the midst of it all as it unfolds.

Happiness is not selfish, nor is it at the expense of others. (If my neighbor is suffering, I can’t truly be happy.) Happiness involves caring about and for others, while not forgetting our own selves.

So these are the kinds of resolutions I will make this New Year:

  • I resolve to look for happiness in situations, first.
  • I resolve to notice when I am happy, and to celebrate that in gratitude.
  • I resolve to embrace when I am unhappy, and to trust in the cycles of return in right time.

Is joy a crazy delusion? Or is it the underlying truth?

Pam Grout

To be happy is high purpose. All else pours out from that, flowing over the world.

Happy New Year to us all!

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