Handing it over. For real.

Surrender, faith, and trust: it’s easy when nothing at stake is staring me in the face, but how about when my whole body is bursting with wanting to orchestrate, manage, and control? Sure, I can give examples of the amazingness that happens when I do practice Divine hand-offs — but how do I actually do […]

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My spiritual head-butt

Letting go of struggle, orchestration, and working to create outcomes is not same thing as giving up self-responsibility and expecting the world to take care of me. I know this. And yet, I’m still learning this. I had another opportunity to practice very recently, and my whole darn experience was nothing short of amazing.

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When “ease and joy” feels far away

Do it anyway. See it anyway. Trust it anyway. It is there for you any way. When do you find you need extra faith? Are they predictable situations, or are you blindsided? Or both?  

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A Stunning Reminder of Trust and Faith

Male pine grosbeak in author's hand, with author's German Shepherd's snout touching bird's head.

THUNK! We get a lot of birds hitting our windows. Most of the impacts are gentle hiccups in otherwise continuing flight patterns. However, sometimes there’s an intensity to the sound that makes us fly out of our seats and immediately launch into Bird Rescue mode. And I had just heard it.

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Easily Increase Your Abundance With This Simple Action

Do you randomly receive hits to do spontaneous acts of kindness? For example, when it crosses your mind at a drive-through window how great it would be to pay for the meal of the person behind you. Or, as you walk out to get your package from the UPS driver you realize that a water […]

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