Handing it over. For real.

Surrender, faith, and trust: it’s easy when nothing at stake is staring me in the face, but how about when my whole body is bursting with wanting to orchestrate, manage, and control? Sure, I can give examples of the amazingness that happens when I do practice Divine hand-offs — but how do I actually do this? What does it look like, in practice?

I was really in the throes of falling off of the Let God Do This wagon, in the interest of being responsible for (a serious situation in) my life. A miracle happened to help me see to stay the surrendered faith course. And of course, the amazing resolution unfolded. (You can read the story of this synopsis, here.)

Did you notice that the miracle was my spiritual head-butt, and NOT the outcome? The results were indeed phenomenal, but my miracle was in my personal pivot point. Just saying…

Back to the recent example: I received reinforcing messages (like a 2×4 across my head) to stay surrendered to this Divine force for highest good, to stop intervening with orchestrating actions, and to stop participating in struggle and worry. Okay, message received. And thank you.

So here is what I did instead. (Because apparently, I still think I have to do something…)

I realized it was time for me to hand this over. Really hand it over. Maybe you are like me: I had begun to think that maybe there was a big lesson for me to learn in this situation; an If-Then, a key. That figuring out my lesson and understanding it would give me a gold star, would then unlock my perceived stuck point example. Like if I learn the lesson then I earn a glorious outcome.

Now in that moment, I realized that it’s even that type of thinking that I can surrender, not just the “key lesson.”

There is no learned lesson that then unlocks Divine goodness. No key to obtain, to then be able to surrender. You get the Divine goodness simply because you exist.

Oh, and PS — I also told the story of what I wanted to see, not the story of what I was overcoming. Both out loud (and then only when asked) AND in my thoughts (ongoing self-support). Tell the story of what you want it to be, and live in THAT feeling-space.

Just let go. Right where you are.

God’s got this. You are totally cradled.

The Holy S is covering this. Nothing on your part is needed.

Own it: I got it wrong, I made a mistake, I grew a bad habit that I don’t want anymore.

And surrender.

It’s not yours to fix.

There actually is nothing to fix. This is a meaning of Divine Perfection.

It’s already done, anyway — we are only waiting to see the manifestation.

And surrender.

You are now your glorious, amazing, timeless outcome.

What can you hand over? What if it is even handing over the handing-over…?

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