God Is My Social Media Manager

Sometimes you go through something so big that you cave in. Normally socially outgoing and engaged, for now you pull your energies in and keep them close. Your external Social Media Manager morphs into an internal Hermit. Maybe you are going through a divorce. Your spouse has moved into nursing care. Or you are planning […]

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Just for today open yourself to possibility.   As you move through your day, be aware of your thoughts. Keep a quiet mind. Notice the signs messages and serendipities. And remember to appreciate them and to say Thank You when they enter your day.   And if any difficulty, hardship, or challenge visits you

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What’s Bugging You for Attention?

As spring gets closer and the weather turns warmer, we’ve had a lot of ladybugs in the house. I mean, a lot. It kind of happens every year, but for some reason this go-round feels extra-early. And extra-abundant. As I made my umpteenth trip to the window to grab and release yet another colorful,spotted, miniature […]

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