God Is My Social Media Manager


Sometimes you go through something so big that you cave in. Normally socially outgoing and engaged, for now you pull your energies in and keep them close. Your external Social Media Manager morphs into an internal Hermit.

Maybe you are going through a divorce. Your spouse has moved into nursing care. Or you are planning a funeral for your child. We’re talking about a life transition so impactful that you are temporarily pausing. For a very long time.

eggs in a nest

My dear friend is in the midst of such an incubation. She shared with me from the privacy of her porch, a cacophony of birdsong in the background, that she discovered she has accidentally unplugged from any and all social media. And that once she realized this, she is now choosing her engagement mindfully.

She described that right now she actually feels so much more connected by being outside with herself, rather than connecting on social media. She has been mesmerized by the seemingly amplified variety, amount, and volume of bird calls.

Hah! The REAL Twitter.


Divine Tweets, directly from God.

What are you incubating under? What messages might you be receiving? How can you Divinely connect, today?




top ten birdsong


3 Comments on “God Is My Social Media Manager”

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  2. Hi Gina,
    Funny, or not so much, how when you’re contemplating on a particular thought about an attitude of daily life how reminders on a directive come from the heavens….or maybe another blog. Anyway I’ve been thinking about how I’m consciously spending to much time on the internet and social media and I come across your blog…well thank you, eloquently expressed I would like to add. It also occurs to me at this moment in writing that after reading millions of books, er maybe well over a few hundred, on spirituality, philosophy and assorted religious text that my wiring starts to become wee bit hot. Well the funny thing is in two separate books, by Pam Grout and Alan Cohen if memory serves me correct, they both wrote that we already have the answers and to simply seek within….and so I keep searching outside….so please excuse me while I sit and meditate for a good while…..
    Bless you,
    Michael Stilinovich


    • Michael, I am so grateful for YOUR reminder that we already are that which we seek. I get what you say about “getting a wee bit hot!” It’s easy to forget and then go looking outside ourselves once again. I’m not sure if that’s our culture so much as it is being human? I think we sure had the same external process before social media, when it was corded telephones and even neighbors dropping in for coffee…! I thank you deeply for your conversation. And I hope during your good while of sitting and be-ing that a little birdie got You connected to you! ❤


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