Miss Understood


Conflict develops when two people say, “Here’s how I need you to be.”

Resolution emerges when one of those people says, “I allow you to be exactly as you are.”

One of you.

You don’t need both. You don’t need to agree. You don’t even need the other’s conscious awareness.

Just your own.

mind blown cheese

The cheese standing alone can actually bring it all together.

I like to think that I’m the one doing the allowing. Isn’t that interesting… And yet I am now able to see more often where The Other is actually allowing for Me. Now isn’t THAT interesting?!?

Awareness, Leveled-Up. Holy wow.

Of course, and thank you.


How about you? What tension is going on right now between you and another, in which you can let go of needing them to be a certain way? Remember also to allow yourself to be You, just as you are — no matter if the other person has that awareness or not, in this moment.


frog princess

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