You already have the answers

lily spiral

I received a great reminder last week about how we already have the answers we seek, and to simply seek within. Now, I know I know that I know that, yet it seems the external cacophony of life can be so loud that sometimes I get distracted.

I forget, and then I remember. Then I re-forget, and then I re-remember. And I used to be hard on myself for this cycle, feeling like I was wavering and failing instead of holding steady in faith. Maybe you can relate.

The thing is, Life is not a straight line. It’s a spiral. We keep circling around to where we feel we’ve already been, only it’s on a different level. Upgraded. Because now we’re ready for it. And, it is always for our highest good. Always.

I have lost the belief that bad things happen at all. I am welcoming of every gift I am about to receive and I am ready to give gifts back.

— Mari, via Pam Grout


We’re not forgetting and remembering, we’re Leveling Up.

Thanks for the reminder, Michael.

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