When our superpowers are also our kryptonite

girl superhero.jpg

Kindheartedness, compassion, and seeing the best in others are some of our superpowers. We embody the best in ourselves and others when we navigate from these planes of being. And it’s also hurting us.

Wait. Whaaat?!?

We look toward higher vibration outcomes, and many of us quite naturally jump straight to them. Peace, love and light, Namaste. Amen.

But what’s actually happening is that we skip the processing of our “negative” emotions. We’re stuffing our frustration, anger, disappointment, and we don’t allow ourselves to go there. And then, we are stuffing the fact that we are actually stuffing these emotions.

“I’m not ignoring these feelings, I just choose to focus on the positive.” Sound familiar?

In a lifestyle of personal elevation, we consciously avoid lower vibration emotions. And this turns into health issues.

“Adrenal fatigue, chronic Lyme disease, thyroid disorders, an inability to lose weight, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, breast cancer, and mystery illnesses and autoimmune disorders,” as described by Dr. Christiane Northrup. (Read her book, “Dodging Energy Vampires” for a heart-opening understanding.)

Check, check, and check.


I was absolutely rocked when I learned this, and yet so much fell into place for me. Holy wow.

And here’s the good news: we can absolutely live in our higher vibrations and not slowly wear our bodies out.

Just allow yourself to be angry. Frustrated. Disappointed. Disgusted. Repulsed. Sad. Envious. Annoyed. Anxious. Dissatisfied. Hurt.

Name it. Acknowledge it. Allow it as part of the path to peace. All it needs is simple recognition. “I see you.”

Get righteously pissed off.

I am discovering that when I do this, my negative emotions are actually quite momentary. When I recognize and own them, they actually move through and out. And I am right at my higher vibration outcome just the same — only better.

When you have a “negative” emotion, be not afraid to name it, feel it, allow it. It will move through you, not take up residence.

So what struck you the most here? A named health issue? Ease in already arriving at high-vibration outcomes? Disassociation with the idea of stuffing negative emotions? Yeah… Me too.

Namaste. ❤




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