For a perspective shift, cue this drama llama.

llama emoji

Sometimes we find ourselves getting all caught up in our drama. And it’s often stupid stuff, too:

  • Can somebody just give a straight answer to our work question?
  • We finally order an item we need to replace, and it’s discontinued.
  • The only day this week we have to mow the lawn turns into a rainstorm.
  • Date night? What’s that?
  • How can there possibly be THIS many inconsiderate drivers on the road today?!?

It’s like we’re holding a bouquet of beautiful roses, but all we notice are the thorns digging into our hands. So we hold on even harder, becoming more and more upset with the thorns.

gripping thorns

This is when I need help to take my attention off of the thorns and see the beauty of what is right in my hands, instead.

I need an abrupt and immediate energy shift.

For me, it’s this particular llama:

Aaaand now I’m laughing! Plus, the bleeding has stopped. Not because the thorns aren’t pesky, but because they just no longer matter.

llama rose.jpg

On the other hand, sometimes our dramas aren’t llama-like, but instead are rather heartbreakingly next-level:

  • We buried our child.
  • We placed our parent in a nursing home.
  • We lost our job.
  • We lost our house.
  • We lost our marriage.

As much as I love my drama llama mental movie reminder, I find there’s no instant energy shift that makes this type of stuff better.

For these types of situations, I try to remember this:

We are not the flickering images playing out their drama on the movie screen, but the screen itself.

— David R. Hawkins, “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender”

It doesn’t make the movie stop, but it does help me to observe rather than embody it. It reminds me that I am not my situation.

What I Am, is blessed. Loved. Totally cradled by the Divine. Always.

rose with water drops

And now I’ve gently shifted back into that.

How about you? What human drama are you experiencing right now? Does the llama help? Does the movie screen? Or is there something else that helps you, that you can share with us here?

hold the rose


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